The first dental camera with “dental photo assistant”.


The dentaleyepad is more than just another dental camera.
It has never been so easy to make perfect dental recordings. Also it has never been so much fun.
Why? Each tooth is displayed in over size, every detail is exactly identifiable and in focus. Everything is easy to use and the depth of field is overwhelming.
The dentaleyepad  is the next evolutionary stage in dental photography.
A lot of innovations and patents are implemented in our dentaleyepad .

We would like to introduce some of them here.

dentaleyepad width Pad.
dentaleyepad with phone

Aufnahme der Zähne einer Patientin mit dem Dentaleyepad

The first camera that “thinks” dental

Thanks to the workflow concept, the camera knows which shots have to be taken, focuses at the right spot, zooms in and mirrors the images independently. This saves time and rework.

Easy communication.

Two or three tips of your finger and the image is on it’s way to your dental technician. Directly from your treatment site. Communication must be that simple.

always connected

Click on a picture, press the “Send” button and the picture is already on your PC, or at your dental technician’s mailbox. Directly from the dental unit. Communication can be so simple and fast.

dental eye pad

The perfect workflow with automatic saving of time

Immediately after recording, the images are automatically transferred to their local practice server without intervention. You do not have to worry about anything, that’s how it has to be.

Simple, delegatable procedures thanks to our innovative
dental photo assistant 

Here are some examples of imaging solution providers with whom the dentaleyepad works very well.