The first dental camera with dental "photo assistants".

Dental photography with the dentaleyepad is child’s play and also fun. Why? It’s simple: The intelligent dental photo assistants do all the setting work for you, so nothing can go wrong.

Every tooth is displayed larger than life. You see every detail crystal clear and sharp.
The depth of field is overwhelming thanks to the intelligent focus system.

Everyone on the team can now take good pictures, even without photography expertise:


The dental zoom - assistant

Whether occlusal overview, portrait or single tooth, the dentaleyepad automatically selects the correct zoom level. If required, this can also be changed using the keys on the housing.

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The dental workflow assistant

The routine can also be perfected. Repeating image sequences can be saved as a fixed sequence. You can give each image sequence its own name. This makes it easy to delegate image sequences. The operator only needs to follow the dentaleyepad’s instructions and nothing is forgotten.**) 

**) With ivoris and byzz, the image sequence can also be created directly in the program and transferred from there to dentaleyepad.


the communication assistant

The dentaleyepad “talks” to your management program. It inquires about the current patient, shows the patient on the display and then sends the images with the corresponding additional information so that you do not have to label or add anything in the management program.

(e.g. with byzz, ivoris, OnyxCeph, further information about the assistants can be found here).


The visual guide assistant

Visual overlays and guide lines facilitate correct image guidance. The dentaleyepad has a corresponding template for every conceivable acquisition situation. Missing something? No problem. Send us your suggestion and it will be included in the next update.


the dental light assistant

The word “photography” is composed of the ancient Greek words for “light” (phōtós) and “paint, write” (gráphein) and means something like “painting with light”. Whether an image is perceived well or poorly is largely determined by the correct use of light. 

The dentaleyepad automatically adjusts its dynamic light fields to the respective exposure situation and thus always achieves the perfect illumination. 

With standard illumination from the front, the molars are poorly illuminated.
The dentaleyepad light field close to the objective also illuminates the molars well.
Standard illumination from the front produces overexposed anterior teeth.
The asymmetrical light fields of the dentaleyepad create homogeneous illumination.

the perfect smile assistant

Capture the most beautiful smile on your patient. With a long press on the trigger button, the dentaleyepad automatically creates a series of images with different illumination angles. You can then select the most beautiful one. Your patient will be thrilled with the images.


the transfer assistant

Takes care of the correct transfer of the images to the PC or server. If the network connection fails, you can still continue taking pictures. The dentaleyepad automatically remembers which images have not yet been transferred. If the network connection is restored, the images are automatically transferred later.


the preview assistant

If the Preview Assistant is active, you can evaluate each image again at your leisure before transfer. Is not everything as desired? No problem. You simply press the Repeat button and redo the image. The previously displayed image will not be transferred and will be deleted automatically.


The dental mirror assistant

Images captured with mirrors are automatically displayed and saved with correct page orientation.


The color temperature assistant

Whether intraoral exposure with the dynamic light fields or portrait with ambient light, the dentaleyepad automatically selects the correct color temperature.

The Dentaleyepad - as natural as sunlight

The right light is the key to good reproducible dental images. The dentaleyepad light is generated with special LEDs that reproduce the color spectrum of sunlight.

This means that you always get a natural color impression, especially when it comes to details.


Optional: the invisalign assistant

With the invisalign app, images can be transferred directly to the invisalign cloud. With the invisalign assistant, you can then transfer the images taken in the invisalign app to your management system in relation to the patient.

The first camera that "thinks" dental

Thanks to an intelligent workflow concept, the camera knows which shots need to be taken, focuses in the right place, zooms in appropriately and flips the images automatically. This saves time and rework.

The world's first dental camera designed for both the right and left hand.

Dental photography requires the highest precision despite the camera assistants. The mirror or cheekpiece holder in one hand, the dentaleyepad in the other. This requires a certain coordination. So that you can decide for yourself what you want to hold in which hand, we have designed the dentaleypad so that it can be held on the left and right. All control elements are double. So everyone in the team can use their favorite combination.


Our hands are as different as we are.

That's why we have developed a design that fits every hand. Whether large or small, whether long or short fingers. The dentaleyepad always fits perfectly in the hand.


Easy communication.

The images land automatically on your practice PC. Or tap two or three times and your dental technician has the image in his inbox. Directly from the treatment center. Communication must be that simple.

The transfer - assistant

Takes care of the correct transfer of the images to the PC or server. No more tedious fiddling with memory cards. You don’t have to worry about anything. If the network connection fails, you can still continue taking pictures. The dentaleyepad automatically remembers which images have not yet been transferred. If the network connection is restored, the images are automatically transferred later.


If no WLAN is available, the images can also be transferred automatically via docking station.


Simply place dentaleyepad in the docking station. Done. 

Simple, delegable processes.
The intelligent dental photo assistant makes it possible.

The patient data is transferred to the dentaleyepad in the background. The images are automatically saved directly to the correct template position for the current patient. No memory cards, no manual handling, no tedious matching. This is simple, safe and saves an enormous amount of time.

deligierbare Abläufe Hintergrund
Screen Hotspot Fläche Links 1.

Patient data and desired image types are transferred.

Screen Hotspot Fläche Links 3.

Automatic assignment in the patient's photo status.

dental-camera-dentaleyepad-deligable processes-animation
Screen Hotspot Fläche 2.

Follow the wizard. If necessary, simply repeat the recording.

The dentaleyepad is not simply a dental camera, but an integral component of your practice management, which independently requests data, and independently forwards the image data to the appropriate program for archiving. For you, that means: no more manual work. Nothing can go wrong anymore, and everything is immediately where it belongs. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, a test is possible without risk for up to 4 weeks. However, we handle the test provision via an order. This means that you will receive an invoice from us and you would also have to pay it. Directly afterwards you will receive a new device and we will arrange an installation date. If you do not like the system after the test phase, simply send it back and we will refund the full purchase price within 2 working days. This arrangement has proven to be very useful for accounting reasons, since the dentaleyepad is almost never returned.

Give us here a short info about which software it is. We will then immediately look for a suitable solution.

Yes, you can also transfer the images using a USB cable. With many interface partners, such as Ivoris or byzz, you can then automatically import patient-related images on a daily or weekly basis. If you do not want to have a WLAN in the practice only because of security concerns, we also offer an encrypted wireless solution that has no connection to the Internet.

The dentaleyepad can be disinfected with the usual agents suitable for surface disinfection.

Yes, please contact us for this purpose.

Yes, the dentaleyepad is probably the only camera designed for right- and left-handers.

The sensor has a resolution of 13 million pixels. This enables sufficient image quality at a passable file size.

Yes we have extra overlay image types for portrait and landscape.

This depends somewhat on the file size and the image content, but usually about 9000 images fit on it. But the images are immediately transferred to the PC or server in real time. On the dentaleyepad itself, they only serve as additional security.

Yes and no. We ourselves do not have a sales force. However, we do work with numerous dealers where you can take a look at the dentaleyepad.

Yes, the dentaleyepad and the patmanager support all 6 levels of the VDDS interface.

Yes and no. The dentaleyepad can be charged normally via the charging socket with the included USB cable. The docking station is very practical in that the device finds its “home” in a space-saving way and is automatically always optimally charged.

The dentaleyepad has 2 years warranty. We are also the manufacturer ourselves, so we can repair your device quickly if necessary.